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• create and maintain a diet and lifestyle that naturally creates health … for people and planet;
• learn and enjoy a wide range of practical raw recipes that you can use in your day-to-day life;
• grow more top quality super-nutritious and delectably delicious food.








"What's the right diet for me?" This is of course a vital question. The answer depends on so many factors including your current lifestyle, your ethics and values, your personal aspirations, current state of health, and so much more. Even the idea of 'right diet' carries problems with it, so perhaps a better question is "can I change my diet and lifestyle in positive ways, that benefit me and those around me?" If so, what are those changes, and what's my first step to making them?"

The first step is simply to ask that question - and the next is to commit to finding answers that work for you, that give you actions you can take that are realistic and achievable.



Reviews of Eat More Raw (First Edition)




Here’s what a few people have said about Eat More Raw Too:

Finally a book bringing all aspects of health into one. This makes the question of “what is the right diet” easy… it is one that is ethical i.e. causes no harm, supports life on the planet and gives us optimum health. The finer details of whether it is vegan, completely raw or partially so, to be worked out on an individual basis. This book explains that ‘the right diet’, planetary health, and optimum human health are inseparable. Are you an ethical eater?

Siobhan Shinnors, Yoga Teacher (20years), Nutritionist and Iridologist - Annam Yoga.

Thanks so much for the info and recipes. I've really enjoyed reading it – it’s easy to read, and much more practical, simple and down to earth than other raw recipe books I've come across... I love the breakfasts – it’s delicious, and easy. I'm going to try some of the dressings and sauces next … This whole raw thing is such an eye-opener to me.... it’s so simple, and makes you feel so good.

Gabrielle Parker, clothes designer

I find your book very informative, nice, and horrifying at the same time! 3rd cause of death in USA medical mistakes? Wowwwww … Now I am in the more positive part as you put it (although I found the other part enjoyable never the less) and one of the paragraphs that you wrote has meant so much to me ... “So at what point does the oxygen in the air we breathe become part of us? ... we shape each other. Where is the division then, if one is part of the other and the other part of one? Is nature outside or in?”

Laura Torres, Animal Communicator