Why permaculture? And how …

There are many reasons to do permaculture, so find out what makes most sense for you from these Top 5 Readons:

1. A much more ecologically sustainable lifestyle;

2. Top quality home grown nutrition that tastes fantastic;

3. More fun ‘n’ fulfilment in your life through applying a set of tools, attitudes and practices, backed by the ethics of Earth Care, People Care, Fair Share that give you hope, practicality and enjoyment;

4. Designing, creating and implementing solutions to significant challenges in your life;

5. Being part of a growing solutions-oriented social movement with strong local and global networks that is making a difference around the world.



To find out more about why and how permaculture can benefit you, buy Eat More Raw Too, start using the Free Stuff and / or visit the following pages:

‘Permies’ website - said to be the world’s most active PC website, full of practical information

 Geoff Lawton’s site - perhaps the world’s most active permaculture teacher, particularly good for larger scale projects

Learn Permaculture – a great site for saying why permaculture is so useful, important and enjoyable from one of the UK’s most active and important permaculture teachers

The UK Permaculture Association – particularly useful for understanding about different permaculture courses and training

The Permaculture Magazine – a great resource on PC that’s happening all around the world

Looby Macnamara’s site - particularly good for the people dimension of permaculture

Robyn Francis and Djanbung Garden’s site

 David Holgren  - the website of one of permaculture two initiators

 April Sampson-Kelly  - affordable on-line permaculture courses

 Cana Dulce Permaculture School, Spain  - a fantastic project, teaching permaculture, forest gardening, yoga and natural health, with a high percentage raw lifestyle - Eat More Raw Too author, Steve, normally teaches 1 Design Course a year here

There is so much excellent permaculture material on the internet now – the above are some great sites to get you started.