Funky Raw Magazine – a great magazine on the many dimensions of healthy living

Raw Reform and Angela Stokes-Monarch – inspiring information on an amazing personal transformation, and honest, practical information on the

emotional aspects of diet, image and achieving change from a difficult starting point

Return to the Brain of Eden and Tony Wright’s work – unique information that provides a whole new perspective on everything … very possibly the

most significant breakthrough in understanding ourselves since Darwin

Sura Detox - top quality cleansing and nutrition programmes

Learn Permaculture – a great site for saying why permaculture is so useful, important and enjoyable from one of the UK’s most active and

important permaculture teachers

The UK Permaculture Association – particularly useful for understanding about different permaculture courses and training

The Permaculture Magazine – a great resource on PC that’s happening all around the world

 ‘Permies’ website - said to be the world’s most active PC website, full of practical information

Geoff Lawton’s site - perhaps the world’s most active permaculture teacher, particularly good for larger scale projects

Robyn Francis and Djanbung Garden’s site – one of Australia’s leading long term permaculture pioneers

Looby Macnamara’s site - particularly good for the people dimension of permaculture

Formidable Vegetable Sound System  - for wonderful permaculture inspired music

There so much excellent raw food and permaculture material on the internet now – the above are some great sites to get you started.